Okay… so, first of all: sorry for missing yesterday’s doodle, I’ll post double tomorrow.

This, however, took a bit longer than I expected but I managed to finish it in one sitting. It is a gift art for the moderator of this same blog, darkflame7, featuring none other than his OC and the awesome Princess Luna.

I hope this cheers you up a bit, man. You do deserve it! I had a ton of fun doing this, I now can see why it is so fun to draw your OC. 

Fun fact: I ended up nicknaming his OC “Ivory” so I could have a reference to which layers were hers while I worked on it; it looked kind of dull to just type “OC”. She really does need a name!

Anyways, enjoy and good night everybody… or day, or whatever depending on wherever you’re at. I just want to sleep now…


You’ve left me in the dark.

No dawn, no day.
I’m always in this twilight.

In the shadow of your heart.